Town Board Meeting

Town of Dodge Regular Board Meeting
Town of Dodge, Trempealeau County

The Town Board of the Town of Dodge, Trempealeau County, Wisconsin, hereby provides its written notice and an agenda of the regular public meeting of the Town Board of the Town of Dodge for December 12, 2023 at 6:30 pm.


  1. Call to order.
  2. Roll call/Verification of public notice and approval of agenda of the town board meeting.
  3. Review and approval of prior meeting minutes after errors have been rectified to the satisfaction of the town board.
  4. Public Comment
  5. Specific matters for discussion and possible action by town board in open session:
    1. Road maintenance updates, and future projects
    2. Fire Department review of by-laws and general update (TJ Fonfara)
    3. Appointment of Election Inspectors for 2024-2025
    4. Reallocation of money from money market to higher interest rate CD
    5. Holiday gifts for employee recognition
    6. Closed Session: For the purpose of performance evaluation of sanitary district employee. The Town Board may convene into Closed Session pursuant to Wis. Stats. 19.85(1) (c) Considering employment, promotion, compensation or performance evaluation data of any public employee over which the governmental body has jurisdiction or exercises responsibility. Following Closed Session, the Town Board may reconvene in open session.
  6. Procedural motions by members of the town board.             
  7. Review and approval of orders
  8. Communications and petitions by town clerk and chair.
  9. Future meeting agenda/Discussion and possible action on future town board agenda, including specific items for inclusion on or exclusion from future agenda.
  10. Adjournment.

Meeting notice posted as follows: Dodge Town Hall, Dodge Post Office and Dodge Town Website ( on December 7, 2023. 

PUBLIC NOTICE is further given that any changes in the final agenda will be posted at the Dodge Town Hall, window of the side entrance, not later than 24 hours prior to the meeting.